A black and white abstract study. 80cm x 57cm  

The Dock

A Maritime Abstract 40 cm x 57 cm

Sack the sign Writer

A depiction of Petrol Pumps in Pen & Ink Approximately  51cm x 36  

Keep out

Self-explanatory Approximately  51cm x 38cm

Barbed Wire

Black and white abstract depiction inspired by a wall in Hull Approximately  51cm x 38cm

Barges on the River Hull

Depiction in pen & ink Approximately 42 cm x 29 cm (A3)

Plant Study in Blue

An intricate pen and ink drawing. Approximately  57cm x 40cm


Derelict house Approximately  34cm x 47cm

The Wood 2

Autumnal study in fine line pen & ink. Approximately  79cm x 57cm

China Tea

Abstract study drawn from imagination Approximately 29cm x 42cm      


Abstract study of fishes in squares   Approximately 79cm x 56cm    

Humber Bridge

A  study of the Humber Bridge set in squares. Approximately  79cm x 57cm

A Plant In The Window

A Distant Study Of A Plant In A Window. Approximately 51 x 34cm.

Dead Bod

A representation of the Dead Bod graffiti that is painted on an old jetty at Alexandra Dock in Hull. The original was painted during the 1960s by a tug skipper


Wincolmlee (an area of Hull) Approximately  59cm x 42cm

Sand Dunes

Imaginary depiction of sand dunes. Approximately  42cm x 29cm

The Windmill Hotel

The Windmill Hotel in Hull Approximately  61cm x 43cm

No Petrol

Abandoned petrol pump down Hessle Road, Hull. 38cm x 51cm

Decaying Breakwaters

Depiction of a scene from Workington Beach, Northumbria. 42cm x 29cm

End Of The Line

Part of an old disused railway line at the Alexandra Dock in Hull. 36cm x 51cm

Lago Gray

Fine line pen & ink depiction of a fishing boat in Punta Arenas. Approximately 29cm x 21cm

Slum Clearance

An abstract depiction of slum clearance. Approximately  51cm x 39cm

Window View

View of a window. 21cm x 15cm Approximately

Broken Window 3

Study of a broken window against the intricate brickwork of the wall. 21cm x 15cm Approximately

Broken Window Two In Black And White

A study in pen and ink of a broken window (number two). 28cm x 38cm

Broken Window In Black And White

Study of a broken window in black and white. 28cm x 38cm

Brick Window

Study of a brick window 21cm x 30cm